Ann Summers Casino Gets “Hot” This Summer

Ann Summers Casino - Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb

Warning: This information is hot! Of course, you expected nothing less from Ann Summer’s right? Today we’re highlighting August promotions at Ann Summers Casino.

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Here’s what Ann Summer’s Casino is offering to 5 lucky players in August:

You wanted something fabulous? You got it! 5 players who play any of our games in August for real money will win a Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb.

Other toys vibrate, ripple and pulse, this is the first that *throbs*. Yes, it actually expands and contracts creating unbelievably sexy sensations.

Get your heart pumping with all the action that awaits you at Ann Summers Casino this August. Other bingo and casino sites offer plenty of games for the kids however, at Ann’s Casino you’ll get to pamper yourself.

Play Ann Summers Casino or Ann Summers Bingo now. Feel free to read our Ann Summers Bingo Review and whatever you do, don’t forget the fan!

Ann Summers Casino - Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb