Big Online Bingo Win at Wow Bingo but Could Improve on Customer Support

Registered on WOW Bingo but soon discovered i had made a huge mistake.  The bonuses are really good which is what attracted me to the site. Not only did i play the majority of the bonus, i deposited a lot of my own money.

I rarely won on the online bingo so i went to the slot machines. Although i wasn’t winning anything big, I was winning enough to keep me playing. Big Ben was my favourite slot machine but as ive already said the payouts weren’t great.

I started to play bingo as well as the slots so imagine my surprise when i finally won big on the bingo. It must have been about £90 and at this point i was relieved (to have finally won) as i had already deposited nearly £200 on Wow Bingo. Saying this i received further bonuses which i played again between the bingo & slots, obviously i was on a winning streak and collected approx £150 worth of winnings. I was happy to cut my loses so tried on several occassions over the course of a week to withdraw my wininngs.  Only to be told because i hadn’t played the bingo enough i wasn’t aloud to withdraw anything, bearing in mind i had no e-mail or contact from WOW to advise me of this stipulation i had to find out at the end of the week via live chat.

To my annoyance i had to play my £150 winnings on the bingo but needless to say i didn’t win a thing and funny enough never received another bonus!!